Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood in Boston. It is a neighborhood of Federal-style rowhouses and is known for its narrow, gaslit streets and brick sidewalks. Today, Beacon Hill is regarded as one of the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods in Boston.
Because the Massachusetts State House is in a prominent location at the top of the hill, the term “Beacon Hill” is often used as a metonym in the local news media to refer to the state government or the legislature.
Beacon Hill is bound by Storrow Drive, Cambridge, Bowdoin, Park and Beacon Streets. It is about 1/6 of a square mile and situated along the riverfront of the Charles River Esplanade to the west, just north of Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. The block bound by Beacon, Tremont and Park Streets is included as well. Beacon Hill has three sections: the south slope, the north slope, and the “Flat of the Hill”, which is a level neighborhood built on landfill.

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